The Taste of The Cotswolds Awards

The Taste of the Cotswolds Awards shines a spotlight on the region’s exceptional culinary scene, celebrating the talented chefs, innovative producers, and dedicated establishments that make the Cotswolds a real destination for epicurians. 

From cosy pubs serving farm-to-table fare to fine dining restaurants offering exquisite tasting menus, the awards encompass the full spectrum of dining experiences.

Recognising both established favourites and rising stars, the Taste of the Cotswolds Awards acknowledge the importance of locally sourced ingredients, creative menus, and exceptional service, ensuring every aspect of the Cotswolds’ food and beverage industry receives due recognition.

See previous years winners here: 2015 ~ 2016 ~ 2017 ~ 2018 ~ 2019 ~ 2020 ~ 2023.

The awards process involves nominating and voting exclusively by the public, guaranteeing a thorough and fair selection of winners. All nominated businesses will be entered into the awards voting process, which takes place over the months of October and November. 

On 1 December all votes are counted and the businesses who received the most votes in the categories they were nominated in, are announced overall winners. 

With The Taste of the Cotswolds Awards (the culinary part of The Cotswolds Awards) we celebrate the dedication and passion that make the region a true culinary destination.

For foodies and discerning diners, the Taste of the Cotswolds Awards serve as a trusted guide to the best the region has to offer.  Follow the awards to discover hidden gems, experience award-winning cuisine, and savour the extraordinary flavours that define the Cotswolds’ vibrant food culture.

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